Monday, September 2, 2013

Beginnings and Ends

It's my last night in the Chateau LLV as one of the L's. There's an echo in my room, the walls are blank, and all that remains is my mattress (on which I am currently residing) and a trashbag in the corner. My truck is carefully packed for the journey north. These are the markers of the borderlines of old and new.

This has been, without a doubt, one of the most wild months this past year; it has not, however, been the hardest.

This time last year, I considered it an achievement if I could make it off the couch to drive to Wendy's and get food.  "Yes. I fed myself today.  That's 10 points for me."  Since those days I've finished a thesis, officially graduated with my master's, taught for a year at TWU, moved again, worked at scarborough faire for a hot minute, and finally figured out the real reason I can't accept compliments very well. Hell of a year.

This past year was a year about boundaries.  It was a year about reviewing and renewing my individual identity. It was a year about finishing projects and finding new directions. It was liminal.

I've decided to close the chapter on the liminality blog because I'm no longer in liminality.  Rather, I am taking back the agency I had lost, and intentionally throwing myself into the liminoid. Last year, my state of identity was more liminal: finished with coursework but still in thesis land, out of a relationship and negotiating that identity, unemployed, very depressed. Not optional. Little agency.

This month, I sold my car, packed a truck, and took some risks resulting in (temporary) unemployment that will (hopefully) eventually end up better in the end.  Intentional. Full of agency.

905 liminality street, was about negotiating a liminal identity- for an entire year.

This blog, this year, will be about adventure in the liminoid.


Everything must always come to an end. Otherwise, nothing would ever get started. - The Doctor

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